Kid's Eyeglasses
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    A Kind of "Glasses for Kids Near Me"

    Myglassesmart offers shopping online. Wherever you are, leave your kid's prescription to us, and we will deliver the eyeglasses to the doorstep. 

    Myglassesmart provides kids glasses from 0-13 years old. We have chosen absolutely safe and environmentally friendly materials that are comfortable and skin-friendly so that children with weak resistance will not develop allergies. For children aged 3 and under, we recommend Jamie, with its soft and durable TR Material frame and elasticated straps that hold it in place and prevent it from usually getting lost. It's more suitable for younger children.

    Why Do So Many Kids Need Glasses Now

    Children's Glasses Has Become a Trend

    There are several factors that contribute to the increasing number of children needing glasses:
    Genetics: If one or both parents have myopia, their children are more likely to develop it as well.
    Lifestyle: Increased screen time and decreased outdoor activities can contribute to the development of myopia in children.
    Environmental factors: As more people move to urban areas and pursue education, these factors may contribute to the rising number of children needing glasses.
    It's important to note that while the number of children needing glasses may be increasing, early detection, regular eye exams, and appropriate corrective measures can help manage and address visual impairments effectively.

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    One Year Warranty
    All glasses enjoy a one-year free replacement service.
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    The payments we allow are all 100% secure.
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    The payments we allow are all 100% secure.
  • Ordering
    How do I place an order?
    We have developed a simple guide to help you start customizing your glasses on the right step. You can find this guide under "How to buy" at the bottom of each prescription glasses page.
    What do I need before placing an order for prescription glasses?
    All you need is your glasses prescription. It would be better if you could also provide your pupillary distance (PD).
    How do I change or cancel my order?
    Please send your email to within two hours of payment. Our customer service team will help you change or cancel your order. (Please include "Change/Cancel Order" and "Order Number" in the subject of your email).
  • Prescription
    Where can I get my prescription?
    Please visit your ophthalmologist or optometrist for an eye exam. After completing the examination, they should provide you with a written or electronic copy of your prescription.
    What is "PD" and how do I get it?
    PD, or pupillary distance, is the distance in millimeters between the center of one pupil to the other measured in millimeters. Your PD is usually included in your prescription. If not, you can measure your PD yourself or contact your ophthalmologist or optometrist to measure it for you.
    How can I measure my PD?
    Place a ruler, millimeter side up, directly under the center of your right or left pupil. While looking straight ahead, measure the distance from the center of your left pupil to the center of your right pupil. Repeat for accuracy. Note that the average PD is between 57 and 65mm.
    Can I use my contact lens prescription to order glasses?
    A contact lens prescription is different from a prescription for eyeglasses. For your safety, we cannot use your contact lens prescription to make your eyeglasses.
  • Shipping
    Can I track my order?
    You sure can! Once your order is shipped, we will send you an email with the carrier's details and tracking number.
    What shipping methods do you offer?
    We ship through FedEx International Economy, and the expected delivery time is 5-7 working days. US customers do not need to pay for shipping, while other countries' customers need to pay $15.99 for shipping. Please note: Logistics fees and delivery times are subject to change. The actual information on the payment page shall prevail.
    Will I have to pay any taxes or customs duties?
    A certain amount of import duty may apply to some countries. If you are charged taxes or customs duties, you will be responsible for all expenses incurred, which will be non-refundable.
  • Returns & Exchange
    Where can I read the complete return policy?
    We have developed a simple guide to help you start customizing your glasses on the right step. You can find this guide under
    What is the return policy?
    About sunglasses: We support no-excuse returns within 7 days, shipping costs need to be borne by you About prescription glasses: Please send your email to within two hours of payment. Our customer service team will help you change or cancel your order. (Please include "Change/Cancel Order" and "Order Number" in the subject of your email). If we have already started processing your lenses, you will not be able to cancel the order and additional charges will be applied for modifying the order. Please check if the frames and lenses are intact after receiving the glasses, if you find any problems please contact our customer service team in time.

    All glasses purchased on Myglassesmart enjoy a one-year free replacement service (free replacements will only be issued in cases of obvious defects in materials and workmanship, excluding damage caused by accidents, negligence, or improper care.)
    How do I make a return?
    1. Contact our customer service team at to approve the return.
    2. Pack your glasses properly and include your name, contact information, order number, and the reason for your return in the package.
    3. We recommend shipping your return by a traceable method. (Myglassesmart is not responsible for shipments that are damaged or lost.)
    4. Once your return is received, we will process the refund within five business days. Your refund will be credited back to your original method of payment.
  • Payment
    What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept credit/debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, and Google Pay. You can see more information about the payment methods on the payment page.
  • Frame & Lenses
    What if I get my frames and they need to be adjusted?
    Most opticians will help you make minor adjustments to your frames for a small fee or even for free.