How to know or measure the size of a frame?

Reviewed by : Myglassesmart on Jun 13th,2024

Shopping online has become an integral part of our lives and its convenience and affordability has greatly improved our lives. If you want to order prescription glasses online, knowing the frame size helps ensure that the glasses will fit comfortably on your face. Ill-fitting frames can cause discomfort, pain, and may not provide optimal vision correction.


How to read glasses size?

Let's take the following picture as an example. To determine or measure the size of a frame, follow these steps:


Lens Width: 54mm

Measure the horizontal width of one lens, starting from the widest point. It is typically measured in millimeters (mm).

Bridge Width: 18mm

Measure the distance between the two lenses, specifically the space where the frame sits on your nose. Again, it is usually measured in millimeters (mm).

Temple Length: 140mm

Measure the length of the temple arms, which are the side pieces that extend from the frame and rest behind your ears. Measure from the hinge where the temple attaches to the frame to the tip of the temple arm. Temple length is often measured in millimeters (mm).

Frame Width: 145mm

Measure the entire width of the frame from one end to the other, including any additional elements or embellishments. It is measured in millimeters (mm).

Vertical Height: 39mm

Measure the height of the frame from the top to the bottom edge, including any additional elements or embellishments. This measurement is also typically given in millimeters (mm).

What size glasses do I need?

Buying glasses online is absolutely cheaper, but you can't try them on until you receive the product. To determine the size of glasses that you need, you can follow these steps:

Use Existing Glasses as Reference:  If you already wear glasses and find them to be a comfortable fit, you can use them as a reference. Look for the size details usually imprinted on the inside of the temple arm or bridge of your glasses. These measurements typically include lens width, bridge width, and temple length. Note down these measurements to help you find a similar size when shopping for new glasses.

Measure Your Face:  If you don't have existing glasses or want to get a general idea of your frame size, you can measure your face using a flexible tape measure or ruler. The key measurements to consider are:


Lens Width: Measure the width of your eye horizontally from the outer edge of one temple to the outer edge of the other temple.

Bridge Width: Measure the distance between the inner edges of your eyebrows, where the bridge of the glasses would sit.

Temple Length: Measure the distance from the temple hinge (where the temple arm attaches to the frame) to the point where you want the temple arm to end, typically behind your ear.

Compare these measurements to the size guides provided by eyewear retailers to find a suitable frame size.

Visit an Optometrist or Optician:  A professional eye care provider can perform a comprehensive eye examination and provide you with an accurate prescription for glasses. They can also assist you in determining the appropriate frame size based on your facial measurements and features.


How do I know my glasses size?

Find your old glasses that you wear comfortably and place them on your desk. Because the numbers printed on the legs of your glasses are extremely small, you may need a torch or a bright desk lamp. Examine the end of the legs of your glasses carefully and you will probably find numbers such as the one pictured.

54□18-140 means the Lens Width is 54mm, Bridge Width is 18mm and the Temple Length is 140mm.


How to measure sunglasses size?

The data measurement for sunglasses is exactly the same as for glasses. If by the above article, you have already understood how to read and measure the data of your prescription glasses, then congratulations you have already known how to read or measure the data of your sunglasses.

What does size o/s mean?

The abbreviation "O/S" typically stands for "One Size" in the context of clothing, accessories, or other items. When an item is labeled as "O/S," it means that it is designed to fit a wide range of sizes or is intended to be one-size-fits-all. In the case of eyewear or frames, "O/S" may indicate that the frame is designed to fit a majority of individuals comfortably. Myglassesmart's frames can be broadly divided into two main categories based on size: For children and adults. Adult sizes are usually suitable for customers aged 13+ years old. We detail the size of each part of the glasses on the detail page of each item so you don't have to worry about not knowing what the size is.

In order to be able to choose the right glasses, it is essential to know its size before placing an order. We hope this article has been helpful to you. We hope it will help save you from having to deal with glasses that don't fit properly. Myglassesmart wishes you a happy life.