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Fashion Geometric Semi Rim PC Tortoiseshell Optical Eyeglasses 55mm 26g

Age: 13+ Size: 55-22-145 Fashion Classic



Price Includes:

√ High-quality frame

√ Non-prescription lenses

√ Anti-scratch coating

√ UV protection

We provide optical, reading, anti-blue light, photochromic and progressive lens customization.

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    • Gender: Unisex
    • Material: Poly Carbonate
    • Shape: Geometric
    • Frame: Semi-Rimless

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How to Place an Order for Your RX Glasses Online

Confused about how to place an order for RX glasses? While it may seem more complex on the surface, placing an order with us is as easy as buying anything else over the Internet.

We have developed a guide to help you start customizing your RX glasses on the right step. Check out our simple guide and understand how to place an order for RX glasses at Myglassesmart in just a few simple steps.

1. Choose Your Frames

Purchasing eyeglasses online starts with choosing your frames. This is usually the most time-consuming part of the process, as it involves the most personal choice.


l Frame Shape

You probably know exactly what style of clothing is best for your figure. But what about glasses? Certain frame shapes will complement your features, while others may emphasize the wrong attributes. Don't worry, you can find the best frames for you by the shape of your face.


l Frame Size

Finding the right frame size is a very important part of the process of buying glasses online. Each frame on the Myglassesmart is marked with its size for reference. If you have an old or in-use pair of glasses, finding the right size for you will be very easy as most frames are marked with the size on the temple arms.


l Frame Color

When you’ve found the shape of your frame, what about color? Frame color is the last thing to consider when choosing a set of frames, but it is probably one of the most important factors in determining the style and overall look of your new glasses. Your pupil color, hair color, and skin tone may influence your choice, but the most important thing to remember when asking yourself what color to choose is your style and taste — wear what you like! And most frames come in several colors, so you will never be bothered by the fact that you can only choose one color of your frame.


2. Choose Your Lenses

Once you have selected the types of frames and lenses you want in your glasses, the next step is customizing your lenses to your unique requirements with your prescription.


l Usage

The most important part of selecting lenses is choosing the right lenses for your visual needs. Depending on the prescription provided to you by your optometrist and your individual needs,  you may require single-vision, progressive, or reading lenses.


l Your Prescription

Once you have selected the usages of lenses you want ffor your glasses, the next step is to fill out and upload your prescription.


l Lens Type

Depending on your lifestyle, you can choose the right type of coating for your lenses.

Clear LensSuitable for most people's daily use.

Blue LightSuitable for people who need to face the digital devices for a long time.

PhotochromicSuitable for people who work long hours outdoors. (* These lenses may not change color in the car as the windshield will block UV radiation.)


l Lens Index

Lens index refers to the refractive index of the lens. In simple terms, this index determines the thickness of the lens. The higher a lens' index is, the thinner it becomes.


3. Confirm and pay

Once you have everything selected and input, double-check all of the values one more time to ensure you are ordering the correct frame, lenses, coatings, etc. Once you are sure of your order, you can enter your payment information in the secure Myglassesmart checkout portal.

We will take care of everything. With those simple steps, you will have a new pair of custom prescription glasses on your doorstep in 5 to 7 business days!


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