70s Eyeglasses: The Ultimate Guide to the Vintage Era

August 24th,2023

Do you know what 70s eyeglasses are like? We will discuss this topic in detail in this article, including, the most popular eyeglasses in the 70s, the history of 70s eyeglasses, and the cultural significance of eyeglasses in the 70s.

Eyeglasses have always been a key element in both necessity and fashion. And it evolved its appearance over time as well. 70s eyeglasses were much different in comparison to the trendy eyeglasses that we get to see people wearing today. In terms of class, elegance, and fashion sense, most of the eyeglasses in the 70s have a remarkable impact on the evolution of eyeglasses. We will briefly discuss everything about 70s eyeglasses in this article.

What are 70s Eyeglasses Like?

The appearance of eyeglasses in the 70s was somewhat different from their previous predecessors. 70s eyeglasses were distinguished by their bold colors and oversized frames. The materials used to make these eyeglasses' frames were usually plastic or metal. The shape of the lenses was mostly round or oval-shaped. Most of these glasses came with either full-frame or half-frame. Some of these glasses are browline glasses, where the upper side of the frame was bigger than the bottom side of the frame, resembling eyebrows.

Some 70s eyeglasses were good at portraying seriousness and reflected style on a different level.  That is why many popular figures at that time used to wear those eyeglasses as their regular eyewear. Such as John Lennon, Elton John, and so on. They started getting popular in the late 60s and were at the peak of their popularity until the early 80s. From celebrities to common people, everybody used to wear them.

The Most Popular Eyeglasses in the 70s:

Some of the 70s eyeglasses were amongst the most popular eyeglasses of all time. Brow-line glasses, cat-eye glass frames, butterfly frames, and aviator glasses with double-bridge designs. These eyeglasses peaked their popularity in the 70s. And some of them are still thriving in eyeglass fashion among young adult males and females these days. Such as cat-eye glass frames, and brow-line glasses.

The History of 70s Eyeglasses:

Eyeglasses that were popular in the 70s didn’t gain their popularity suddenly. The history of 70s eyeglasses stretch back to the 50s or 60s, and for some, even 30s. Eyeglasses of that time have had their history. And have been through several modifications by the early 70s already.

Butterfly glasses were pretty popular in the 70s, but they were worn by celebrities like English and Australian singer Olivia Newton-John in the 60s. The large square-shaped glass frames were popular in the 70s, however, they were a pretty well-modified version of sleeker wire frame glasses from the 50s and early 60s. Aviator glasses were first invented in the 1930s but became one of the most popular among the 70s eyeglasses.

The Cultural Significance of Eyeglasses in the 70s: 

Eyeglasses were first invented in the 13th century and were only used by religious scholars since then for a long time. In the 18th century, eyeglasses were started being manufactured for the usage of common people as well. And most of those glasses were handmade. People in the early 19th century started wearing eyeglasses as a necessity.

Eyeglasses are a daily necessity and also come as a fashion accessory today. But they were not always like that. It was in the 70s when things started to change. Because people started considering eyeglasses as a fashion accessory rather than just a necessary item to see things clearly around that time.

Celebrities, popular figures, politicians, and many Hollywood actors started wearing fashionable eyeglasses with fancy and elegant frames in the 70s. Brow-line and cat-eye framed glasses were a new norm among men and women at that time. It was a huge influence among the common people as well, which is still a standard to this day.


70s eyeglasses have significant impact on the evolution of eyeglasses. The far-out look of the 60s eyeglasses style carried into the 70s. And the 70s eyeglasses were charismatic and geometric. With new shapes and designs coming into the market, eyeglasses at that time quickly gained popularity. A lot of people in modern days often don’t realize that their eyeglasses design was invented or influenced by the 70s trends. In this article, we’ve discussed 70s eyeglasses and how they evolved. Hope you got to learn some new things from this and it would help you with your insight into 70s eyeglasses.

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