How to Clean Microfiber Cloth for Glasses: A Guide to Keeping Microfiber Cloth Spotless

August 17th,2023

Do you know what microfiber cloths are? Or what are they used for? And how to clean microfiber cloths for glasses? Keep checking this post for more tips on caring for this little piece of cloth!

Put simply, microfiber cloth is basically a very thin and absorbent piece of cloth that is made of a material called synthetic fiber. Because this cloth has miraculous absorbing power, you can clean off the smallest piece of dirt using it.

We will discuss this in detail in this article.

What is microfiber?

Many people who regularly wear glasses will be familiar with glasses cloths. This eyewear cloth is very soft, which quickly removes some dirt from the glasses and also ensures clear and bright vision. However, few people in real life know that these fabrics are actually made of microfiber, a material with very unique properties. Today, we will take you through the materials and characteristics of microfiber spectacle cloths, as well as the steps involved in cleaning glasses. 

Material and Features

Microfiber glasses cloth is woven by a special process, does not contain any chemicals, and also has super water absorption, which can leave no water stains on the surface after wiping. All in all, microfiber spectacle cloth is characterized by its washing resistance and durability; No damage to the surface of the object after rubbing test; High water absorption and oil absorption; High cleaning power; It feels delicate and soft.

How to clean microfiber cloth for glasses?

There are many steps to this process, and I'll tell you more about the process.

1. Remove loose debris or dirt particles from the top of the microfibercloth by gently shaking or gently patting the cloth with your hand.

2. First of all we need to clean it with water so that we can remove any excess dirt or residue on the surface.

3. Next you can add fresh water to the sink or basin and then add some mild detergent such as detergent or washing powder. Next,mix the water into a soap solution. This soap solution can effectively clean the stains.

4. Then place the microfiber cloth into the soapy water and gently agitate it with your fingers for a few minutes. This will loosen and remove any dirt or grease from the cloth. We can also gently rub the cloth to make it lather and clean.

5. Next we need to rinse the cloth thoroughly with water, this step will remove any soap residue from the cloth.

6. Use your hands to gently squeeze the excess water from the cloth. However, avoid wringing or twisting the rag to avoid damaging the fibers. It will cause more damage if it is damaged.

7. Finally we need to lay the eyeglass cloth flat on a clean surface or take a hanger. Be careful to avoid direct exposure to sunlight as this may cause the cloth to lose its original color.

8. When the cloth is completely dry, we can fold it and store it in a clean, dry place. It is advisable to keep it in a protective case or bag.

The condition of your lenses actually depends on whether you know how to clean microfiber cloth for glasses properly.

Additional care and maintenance tips

1. Avoid chemicals: Do not use chemicals such as bleach, alcohol, or strong acid or alkaline solutions to clean microfiber spectacle cloths. These substances may damage the texture and cleaning effect of the fiber cloth.

2. Do not mix with other items: Washing microfiber eyewear cloths with other fabrics may cause fibers or lint on the cloth to adhere to the other items, causing contamination or damage.

3. Avoid high temperatures: Do not expose microfiber eyewear cloths to high temperatures, such as in a dryer or in the sun. High temperatures may damage the texture and performance of the fiber cloth.

4. Regular cleaning: To maintain the cleanliness and cleaning effect of microfiberspectacle cloths, regular cleaning is recommended. Depending on the frequency of use, weekly or fortnightly cleaning is a good option.


Perhaps through the interpretation of this article, you already have a general understanding of how to clean microfiber cloths for glasses. By following these precautions, you can use and care for your microfiber spectacle cloths correctly, ensuring their cleaning effectiveness and longevity. Remember, regular cleaning and proper use are key to maintaining the effectiveness of your microfiber spectacle cloths.

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