The Comeback Retro Trend: Everything to Know About Browline

July 27th,2023

Have you ever heard the name “browline glasses”? They are a style of eyeglasses where the top part of the frame used to hold the lenses is thicker than the bottom part, like an eyebrow. This is actually more of a retro trend.

  • What are browline glasses
  • What is the history of browline glasses?
  • Do I fit into the browline glasses…

In this blog, all the above three burning questions are answered. Keep browsing for more.

What are browline glasses

Another name for browline glasses is "club-keeper", and it's becoming popular nowadays. Due to the unique design of the thicker upper part of the browline glasses frame, they are able to better accentuate the wearer's natural eyebrows, thereby, browline glasses are highly sought after.

The materials used for these glasses are also well thought out. The top is commonly made of acetate material or plastic, and the bottom of the lens is wrapped in a thinner wireframe. The material of the bottom can sometimes be nylon rope or metal wire. The metal wire will be more premium but may add weight.

What is the history of browline glasses?

The fascinating history of browline glasses - a style that has seen its fair share of ups and downs, just like any fashion trend.

Back in the 1940s, browline glasses were brought into existence by a vice president of an eyewear company. These glasses featured a bold upper frame that resembled eyebrows, which is how they got their unique name.

Fast forward to the 1950s, and browlines started gaining immense popularity. They became the go-to choice for half of all eyeglasses sold and worn during that decade. People loved their distinctive look, and they became a fashion statement in their own right.

However, as the swinging 60s rolled in, plastic eyeglasses started making waves with their diverse shapes, sizes, and colors. With this new wave of options, the allure of browlines started to gradually wane. But wait, here comes the 80s. The legendary Bruce Willis donned a pair of browline sunglasses in the "Moonlighting" series, causing a sudden surge in demand for this unique eyewear style.

Alas, as the 90s rolled in, browlines faced strong opposition from consumers, who associated them with the previous decade's conservative culture. These glasses were considered nerdy and out of touch with the times.

Enter the new millennium, where browlines continued to be associated with traditionalism and conformity, drawing inspiration from the 1950s' culture and fashion. But the 2010s brought about a resurgence. The hit TV series "Mad Men" and the rise of chic subcultures reignited people's love for classic vintage styles.

Do I fit into the browline glasses?

Before answering the question " Do I fit into the browline glasses?", we should first understand what our face shape is. Here is one way to tell.

Generally, our lovely faces can be categorized into a few types: diamond, heart-shaped, oblong, oval, round, and square. So, first things first, grab a picture of yourself.

If your face has a straight jawline and a slightly shorter chin, you might have a square face.

Now, if you can connect your hairline's center, your cheekbones, and your chin to form a diamond, you might have a diamond face. Pointed chin and high cheekbones are the defining features of a diamond face. The main difference between a diamond and heart-shaped face lies in the hairline – a diamond face tends to have a slightly narrower hairline.

The oblong face is similar to the square face, but it's longer than it is wide. Your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are relatively similar in width, with a slightly shorter chin.

For those with a pointed chin and the widest forehead, congratulations, you've got a heart-shaped face! The round face is a softer version of the square face. The edges of your face gently curve, and you have a rounded chin with the widest cheekbones. Lastly, the oval face is like an egg turned upside down. Your forehead is slightly wider than your jaw, giving you that elegant oval shape. Oval faces share some similarities with oblong faces, but the jawline is softer, and the overall edges are more curved.

Remember, there's no "perfect" face shape – each one is uniquely beautiful! And now that you know your face shape, you can choose the most suitable eyeglass to enhance your natural beauty.

After understanding our face shape, we can choose the most suitable browline glasses. Browline glasses are more suitable for people with narrow foreheads as they can make the forehead look more natural. However, nowadays, there are plenty of styles for browline glasses, so people with all kinds of face shapes can find suitable styles.

If you have an oblong face, those browline glasses will work wonders by giving your face a more square and wider appearance, perfectly balancing your features.

For diamond-faced, they add just the right volume to your narrower forehead, creating a harmonious look. Opt for round browline glasses to soften those sharp cheekbones and chin. Remember, we want to show off those gorgeous features, not overshadow them, so keep it chic with regular-sized styles!

if you have a squared face, go bold with deep-colored browlines and unique patterns to make your glasses pop and show off your personality.

And for oval-faced, browline glasses were practically made for you. The thick upper frames draw attention to your upper features, while the slender lower frames complement your gentle, balanced face.

Final words

Browline glasses are undoubtedly a combination of vintage and modern; they are classic and elegant, but at the same time stylish. Whether it's a suit, an evening dress, or a simple shirt and jeans, they can pair wonderfully with them all.

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