What are Photophobia Glasses and How to Find Suitable Glasses?

August 10th,2023

Photophobia glasses are also called light sensitivity glasses, which help reduce the amount of light in the eyes. They are used by those who have photophobia. This group has a very strong sensitivity to light, and they have trouble tolerating bright or harsh light.

Besides helping those with photophobia, they can also be useful for people who are sensitive to light because of light-sensitive skin or working in places with harsh lights. For those experiencing light sensitivity, it’s a better choice for them to purchase glasses for light sensitivity if no prescription or take an eye test to get the perfect one with a prescription.

What are photophobia glasses?

As we've mentioned, photophobia glasses have lenses designed to reduce the amount of light that reaches the eyes, which can be made of various materials by different technics, like polarized lenses, photochromatic lenses, or tinted lenses. The stronger the light intensity, the higher the probability of injuries, like feeling a squinting or wincing, even itching or burning sensation. So some photophobia glasses have a wrap-around design, which can help users block light from entering the eyes from the outside to reduce the risks of distress and hurt. They can block a number of lights coming from the sun, street, and interior lights that can cause trigger and eye discomfort.

And multiple studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of photophobia glasses in reducing and relieving discomfort. Photophobia glasses are typically with gray, brown, or green filters, which are intended for reducing glare. In general, we can consult an ophthalmologist physician who can provide appropriate treatment recommendations, and then we can experience relief from headaches and eye pain after wearing these specialized glasses for treatment.

Why choose photophobia glasses?

It’s a multifaceted question that must depend on the specific situations and requirements. Photophobia glasses are not only beneficial to the group with photophobia but also indispensable for those who have to be exposed to harsh lights.

There is no doubt that users should visit an eye doctor in case the not suitable glasses will aggravate eye problems. The selection of glasses will depend on the result of the eye check-up. In most cases, photophobia can either be a temporary or permanent effect of some potential effects, then those with these symptoms can expect that doctors might prescribe them photophobia glasses.

How to choose suitable photophobia glasses?

It’s important to identify the difference between various types of glasses first. And the second step is to analyze the requirements of users, including taking precise measurements and taking the doctor’s suggestions into consideration.

After that, it’s a better choice for them to match the requirements with the advantages of different types of glasses. Some of the most common types include anti-glare lenses, photochromatic lenses, polarized lenses, tinted lenses, and wrap-around lenses.

Anti-glare lenses help reduce light off reflected surfaces, which can help alleviate the discomfort and eye pain caused by flash glare and reflections from buildings, screens, and bright lights.  Photochromatic lenses can be helpful for those who need to transition from bright outdoor light to dim indoor light by darkening automatically in response to bright light. Blue light-blocking glasses are the most common type intended for blocking blue light that is emitted from digital devices, which can allow them to stick to looking at digital screens by reducing eye strain, headaches, and dry eyes.

The other three kinds of glasses have their own functions respectively. Polarized lenses help to reduce the amount of light that enters the eyes. ideal for people who are sensitive to glare, especially while participating in outdoor activities. The typical form is also produced with the creation of Polarized sunglasses. Tinted glasses have special lenses that are tinted with a yellow or brown color to reduce the amount of light, which can be useful for people who suffer from light sensitivity caused by migraines or other conditions. Wrap-around lenses with glasses that wrap around the sides of the eyes can make a decline in the amount of light that enters from the sides.


Photophobia glasses are designed to provide relief to individuals who experience discomfort or sensitivity to light, which can offer several benefits for individuals suffering from conditions such as migraine headaches, post-concussion syndrome, and certain eye conditions. But it is important to consult with a healthcare professional or optometrist to determine the appropriate lens tint and strength for personalized relief.

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