Buying Guide: Are Teashade Glasses Worth Choosing?

July 27th,2023

Teashades are a unique choice when you pick them out of the various sunglasses available. However, what you may not know is that teashades are more than just a color but represent a popular era.

In this blog, we will introduce one classic vintage glasses - teashade glasses, and we will discuss the topic of this kind of glasses, slide to learn more.

  • What are teashade glasses?
  • How did they become popular?
  • What effect do teashades have?
  • How to choose the right teashades?

What are teashade glasses?

Teashades is not just referring to a kind of brownish color, more than that, they are a unique type of sunglasses popular in the 60s and 70s. Teashades also known as "small glasses" or "John Lennon glasses".

Teashade glasses usually have the following prominent characteristics:

1. Small and round: Teashades feature small, round lenses that cover the area around the eyes and resemble the shape of the bottom of a teacup, whichis the origin of its name.

2. Thin frames: Most teashades come with thin frames that emphasize the shape of the lenses, which gives them a strong vintage feeling.

3. Various colors: They don't just come in tea-color, in fact, teashades are a type of eyeglasses that comes in a variety of colors.

Teashades are a type of psychedelic art metal-wire framed sunglasses, representing the counterculture aesthetic of the 1960s. Classic characters like John Lennon, Jerry Garcia, George Harrison, and the character Ducky from the movie "Pretty in Pink" were known for wearing teashade glasses. The original teashade glasses design consisted of a medium-sized perfectly circular lens supported by nose pads and thin wire frames. As teashades became popular in the late 1960s, the lenses were carefully tinted, mirrored, and oversized, while the metal wire frames were exaggerated.

Unique or dark-colored glass lenses are usually preferred. Like many other sunglasses, modern versions often use plastic lenses. Nowadays, it's difficult to find teashades in stores. However, they can still be found on many fashion websites and in some countries.

How did teashade glasses become popular?

The popularity of teashade glasses is associated with a hippie and more so with the younger generation's pursuit and desire for freedom. When we talk about "teashades," we also recall the hippie musician - John Lennon. He appeared in public performances wearing these unique sunglasses in the 1960s and 1970s, quickly becoming the iconic figure of teashades. His followers began to imitate his attire, and these teashade glasses became popular.

These teashade glasses became a symbol of rebellion against traditional norms during that era, representing individuality and freedom of expression. Even today, these glasses remain a favorite accessory for many young people to showcase their vintage free spirit.

What effect do teashades have?

Teashade glasses were originally designed as a type of eyeglasses with a unique style. However, it is now difficult to see glasses in this color and more often than not, we may notice this product under the category of sunglasses.

Teashade sunglasses offer more unique benefits:

1. Light filtering: Teashade lenses can effectively filter out a large amount of blue light. Blue light is high-energy light from sources like the sun and electronic devices, and prolonged exposure to it can potentially harm the eyes. The blue light filtering effect of teashade lenses can reduce potential eye damage.

2. Suitable for specific environments: Teashade lenses are suitable for wearing in environments with severe air pollution or fog. Because they reduce brightness, they contribute to better visual comfort in dim or blurry weather conditions.

3. Minimal distortion of object colors: Compared to lenses of other colors, teashade lenses cause minimal distortion of object colors. This means wearers can see more realistic colors without color shifts caused by lens tint.

4. Reduced blue light glare and glare protection: Teashade lenses not only reduce blue light glare but also provide glare protection. Therefore, they are highly useful for outdoor activities, driving, or working in bright environments.

5. The ideal choice for drivers: Teashade lenses can effectively block reflective light from smooth and bright surfaces, allowing drivers to see road details and the surrounding environment more clearly. Thus, teashade lenses are often considered the ideal choice for drivers.

How to choose the right teashades?

Choosing the best teashades is not an easy task; in fact, any decision requires careful thought. What suits you is the best. Choosing one classic and stylish teashades will add to your beauty. But how?

1. Differentiate frame materials: Eyeglass frames can be broadly categorized into three types - metal, resin, and composite materials. Of course, within these three types, there are many subtypes. When selecting frames, pay attention to factors such as weight, strength, and flexibility. Among them, titanium alloy is the highest quality but also the most expensive in the metal category, followed by aluminum-magnesium alloy. In the resin category, TR-90 offers good flexibility and wear resistance but is slightly more expensive.

2. Learn your face shape: Sunglass frames come in three shapes - round, square, and aviator. Tea-colored shades mostly have a round frame shape, suitable for people with square faces, diamond-shaped faces, and other angular facial features. Pairing them with thin metal frames can create a softer, retro look. Square frames are suitable for people with round faces or softer facial features. Pairing them with thicker resin frames can add structure and suit minimalist, monochromatic outfits. Aviator frames are versatile and complement any face shape and outfit style.

3. Set your budget: Teashades are not very expensive products, and you can own them without spending too much money. If you are looking for a temporary fashion accessory, there's no need to invest a large amount of money.

4. Match your style: Teashades have a strong vintage feel, so you need to match them with corresponding fashion styles to create a harmonious look. They are also more suitable for parties and formal occasions when paired with your dressier outfits.

Wrapping up

As a classic fashion item, teashades seem to be timeless. If you want to go back to the days of John Lennon, feel the freedom of rebellion, and impress your friends, teashade glasses are the perfect choice.

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