Eyewear Trends 2023 Vogue Edition | Eyeglasses you Must Have!

July 27th,2023

This is our eyewear trends 2023 vogue edition post where you will find all the styles you need to have for this year.


We all know that there is no short way to refresh our looks and the best way one can improve their looks is through nice-looking glasses. Why? because a fashionable pair of spectacles is extremely important for one's look and can naturally enhance the look of one's center point for the face. This post invites people to adapt to the current 2023 eyewear trends which will make you stand out from the rest in our eyewear trends 2023 Vogue styles mentioned below. There are so many glasses brands to choose from that it becomes extremely hard for one to choose the right frame. Let's help you out in selecting your next eyeglasses:

1. Cat Eye Glasses:

This style continues to dominate this year too as it has been doing the market for the last couple of years. These frames have a dramatic style statement on the top and subtle accents on the bottom of the lens with an upswept browline that tapers upwards at the temples. This styling makes it an eye-catching element that distinguishes it from the rest of the frame styling. These geometric cat-eye styles are evergreen to flatter your facial shape and also add a glamorous look to the entire outfit. Moreover, this style is very much suitable for those who have a little bulky or round face as it adds definition to the look of the face.  

2. Clear Glasses:

Once a high-trending style on Instagram has now become a style norm with a bold and funky look. Now, everyone can rock a pair of clear glasses with almost every dress as they give an instant fun and cool look without spending hours in the morning picking out an outfit. In contrast, black frames remain timeless, but this trend right here is how you stand out for a very long so in the year 2023. It lets people know that you don’t simply look good in glasses, you can slay in them while being super cool.

3. Oversized Metallic Glasses:

These glasses are known for their durability and strength. Metallic glasses are an extremely smooth and effortless way to achieve trendy eyeglasses look. Moreover, they give a sense of elegance and a formal look with suiting or semi-formal clothing. They exist as both a staple and a statement for your look. It’s also possible when you strip it back with a pair of minimalist metallic glasses that shines just like you. We recommend looking for clean lines and skinny silhouettes that let the rest of your outfit speak for itself. Go for a classic shape or get a little geometric, both look cool.

4. Flat-styled Aviators:

Everyone knows that aviators have remained in fashion for many decades and still are relevant. Aviators have been one of the most popular styles of sunglasses in the entire industry and they're even becoming popular as prescription glasses. In the year 2023, the aviator edition focuses on the flat-top style which is also extremely effective in their way. With them, you can show the world that aviators are not just designed as a sunglasses staple but can be much more than that with these flat styling. However, an aviator's teardrop shape isn’t suited for every face out there, especially with a round face. Instead, people who have round faces may want to choose frames with a more angular or square shape. 

5. The 70s Square Glasses:

Available in both normal and oversized styling, these glasses truly represent vintage styling for both men and women. Let them be the thick frames and oversized proportions to bring out your facial features to be more prominent. These frames are perhaps the simplest way of looking fashionable without putting too much effort into your facial styling. Right now, for the year 2023, the brown and orange hues are trending, and if one decides to pair these tortoiseshell colors with the iconic pilot style, one will officially nail the 70s aesthetic styling on your face. 

6. Colored Glasses:

Color defines your personality so is the one on your eyeglasses frames and remains relevant in the year 2023. But choosing the right one is so critical. Opting for lighter-colored frames may be the clear choice for darker skin tones as this creates contrast in your face. But there are a whole host of colors you can also go with to compliment your skin's natural undertones. As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended to avoid browns or blacks, which are too close to your skin tone. Rather opting for tones of black and brown aren't entirely off the table. For lads with dark skin with warm undertones, we suggest selecting hues of red and brown, this will best compliment your undertones. If you go with blue frames, they will boost and compliment your skin tone best if you have dark skin with cool undertones. This style remains best in our eyewear trends 2023 vogue collection.

7. Circular sunglasses

They are still very relevant in the year 2023 as they were before. These glasses can be selected for your face based on several factors including face shape and personal style preferences. We also recommend accessorizing your outfit with something dramatic or just sticking to tradition with smaller, wire-rimmed frames to better match. With so many trendy options, you’re sure to find something to suit you.

8. Wayfarer Frames

They are always a classic choice for prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses and in the year 2023, this look has seen a considerable increase in popularity since Ray-Ban came on the scene and made them fashionable once again. These frames are best suited for round faces when they have longer temples and flat or minimally curved browlines. These frames are suited for almost all kinds of suiting that involve formal or semi-formal styling. 


This was our take on the eyewear trends 2023 Vogue edition and most of them are related to the older style trends. If you are looking for a one-stop shop to get all of these stylings with quality on focus then head to Myglassesmart where you will get all of these stylings.

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