Guide to Buy the Most Trendy Oversized Prescription Glasses in 2023

July 30th,2023

We all know that trendy oversized prescription glasses are always the easy go-to choice and this article talks all about them. 



Oversized is the new trend and it goes beyond clothing, and they are back in a big way in the year 2023. We can see that oversized sunglasses and glasses are already taking the lead this year and deserve our attention. The trend is focused on bold shapes of frames with maximalist accents.


Moreover, what’s great is that you can make it as subtle or as daring the way you want it to be. How to do it? Just choose a pair of super-sized frames with two directions of styling: maximum impact or opt for slightly more low-key. Let's go through trendy oversized prescription glasses for this year:

1. Geek (Hipster) Eyeglasses:

Yes, big is good that is why the oversized geek-styled frames are so much relevant in the year 2023 and are still a must in a list of fashion glasses for women. Though a relatively new style for this year, geek glasses have now become a symbol of wearing trendy frames. Also termed nerd glasses, such frames are known to give you a cute, attractive, and subtle look. Not just for aesthetics, they are good for reading or distance, but foremost, they are a great fashion accessory for this year. The oversized acetate frames which come in black have been the preferred choice for many celebrities and so does the trend.


2. Oversized Vintage Eyeglasses:

The Vintage is the new modern, and vintage-inspired glasses in large frames are still in style for the trendy oversized prescription glasses this year. You can rock them with confidence in any casual and semi-formal clothing while preserving the throwback design and adding a modern twist. These oversized styles feature bolder designs with statement shapes that still pay homage to past decades' trends. Another great thing about retro-inspired eyewear is that it can be extremely versatile with many clothing styling, and we love it for this year. 


3. Browline Eyeglasses:

They have been gradually gaining popularity over the year and now have emerged as one of the best-selling women’s glasses frames in the year 2023 thanks to their bold statement. As the name suggests, they come with a heavy brow bar which is the preferred eyewear for professional women who work in the business environment. The oversized frames with browlines are usually popular in back color and have thick frames, which account for their safety and overall resistance to shock. They are generally well-built with thick framing so they last much longer than other frame styles.


4. Oversized Tortoiseshell Glasses:

If you love the classic tortoise glasses, then oversized ones will overjoy you as they have been rated as best sellers in women’s eyewear for a while now and we don't see their popularity slowing down. Why is that? because they come in designs that are painted in beautiful nuances of honey yellow and wood brown, a style that complements your facial features. Also, there is nothing more attractive than a pair of horn-rimmed glasses for women who can go super hottie. But if you are looking for something lowkey, then tortoiseshell patterns can even work on half-frame eyeglasses. and the best part is that these frames can be worn in any setting and with any outfit. We love them as they are the most versatile eyeglasses style out there to boost your look and give you confidence.

5. Oversized Clear Eyeglasses:

Clear is the new trend in almost every generation, from kids to old chaps. and remain are one of those cool glasses styles that you can’t go wrong with at any age. They carry have a unique way of bringing light to your face while complimenting facial features. And the best part is that they can go with any styling and suiting with a bold statement to make. Moreover, they can complement a lot of skin tones. 


6.Overzied Colourplay Frames:

Are you an extrovert? then this one is for you as they are for those who are fashion-conscious people. With this styling, everything is possible as with their flashy colors, you will be giving everyone around you a lesson in aesthetics this year. They come with brighter and more striking colors making you trendier and stand out from the rest. Regardless of whether these frames are two-toned/single-colored, these can be both subtle and bold colors while having contrasting tones, beautiful gradients, or even wild patterns making you extra bold.


7.Overzied Geometric Frames:

Having a close resemblance to vintage and 70's styling, the geometric frames in large sizes can be an amazing accessory for anyone's fashion statement. but in whichever size you will get in this styling, the main expression will be those edges and angles, o boy there are plenty of them No matter if autumn or winter is, the geometric shapes are the perfect symbiosis between the evergreen retro charm and futurism in apparel trends. And they are always there to offer plenty of room for your personal touch to shine. Go with black, Havana, pure gold, or rose gold, it is best for both she and him. and with those oversized frames with shine all around them, they will add a style to your outlook. 



No matter which style you go for from the one we mentioned above, do remember that oversized glasses come in various shapes and are not limited to a particular style. It is recommended to go square, round, oval, and whatever works for your face but not because you like one particular style. Also, quality should be in focus since they are very large. So, where can I buy oversized prescription glasses? we recommended myglassesmart and their huge collection of oversized and retro styles frames. So, style with confidence this year with these trendy oversized prescription glasses and get a new fashion statement. 

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