Unbreakable Glasses for Kids: How to Choose One for My Kids

September 4th,2023

Why should we choose unbreakable glasses for kids? There are many reasons for choosing this kind of glasses, but the main one is to ensure their safety.

Kids are full of energy but possible they don't always have the ability for getting themselves out of trouble. It's like their self-protection system is a bit under construction. Take their love for outdoor fun, for instance – soccer, basketball, skateboarding, biking – you name it. While having a blast with all these activities, there's a chance their glasses might not have as much fun. Collisions, tumbles, and oopsie accidents can put their glasses at risk.


And it's not just outside; even at home, those same glasses could get caught in the crossfire of sibling play or an excited pet, or they might accidentally bonk into stuff around the house.


And more, unlike adults, kids might not handle glasses as cautiously as we are; they could place them haphazardly, which leads to damage easily. So, choosing unbreakable glasses for kids becomes exceedingly necessary.

What kind of eyeglass materials are the most unbreakable?

Unbreakable kids glasses consist primarily of durable lenses and frames. So first, we should consider the lens materials:

1. Resin

Resin is a heat-softening, plasticity-endowed polymer compound. Resin lenses are chemically synthesized and processed from resin as the raw material. The advantages of resin lenses are evident. Lenses made from resin are lightweight, providing enhanced comfort upon wearing.


Also, they exhibit robust impact resistance, resisting breakage and ensuring safety—making them highly suitable for kids. Moreover, resin lenses possess good light transmittance, allowing for further processing to meet specific needs. Their affordability has made them the mainstream choice for lenses in the market.

2. PC

PC are tough, less prone to fracture, and effectively prevent lens fragmentation during vigorous activities, earning them the moniker "safety lenses." PC lenses are lightweight and also possess excellent ultraviolet protection properties.

3. Nylon

Nylon primarily employs TROGAMID CX— a specialized transparent polyamide. Nylon lenses boast high elasticity and excellent optical quality, demonstrating exceptional impact resistance. They are exceptionally lightweight, weighing only about a tenth of the glass of the same volume and half the weight of traditional resin lenses.


In addition to lenses, frames are crucial too:

1. TR-90

Also known as plastic titanium, TR-90 is not a titanium alloy but rather a high-molecular-weight nylon material invented by Switzerland's EMS-GRIVORY company. Its density is only 1.14–1.15 grams per cubic centimeter, a quarter that of pure titanium and an eighth that of stainless steel. It is buoyant in concentrated saltwater, resistant to abrasion, impact, and high temperatures, and resilient enough to automatically recover after substantial bending. TR-90 is non-toxic, making it a food-grade material in Europe and the most widely used frame material on the market. However, TR-90 frame strength is lower than that of titanium alloys, resulting in thicker frames and similar overall quality to titanium alloys.

2. Titanium

Titanium is arguably the most durable eyeglass frame in the world. The strength of titanium can be compared with that of stainless steel. Some people even say titanium is stronger. It is lightweight, strong, and flexible. It also has excellent corrosion resistance. It is hypoallergenic and makes it impossible for a person to show any of the weaknesses associated with allergies. Therefore, titanium is the perfect frame material for durable frames.

3. PC (Polycarbonate)

Now, PC (polycarbonate), it's a type of plastic. PC frames are like the strong guys in the block, all tough and resistant to bending. They're not the most flexible, though, so usually, we give them a little boost by adding a metal wire to their legs. And these frames come in a rainbow of colors, which are really liked by kids.


Wrapping Up

Choosing unbreakable kids glasses is not an easy task. As parents, our main need is to ensure our kids know the right way to treat their glasses safely. Like, using both hands to take off glasses instead of with just one hand. And if glasses need a clean, it's better to use a proper eyeglass cloth than some random grubby rag. And those special eyeglass cords? They're like seat belts for glasses, keeping them from making an accidental escape. After all, even though these kids' glasses are super tough, they're not invincible. Too much collision and improper use can still make them damaged and crack.

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